May 3, 2018

6 Rustic Decoration Items for Your Cabin

A cabin itself represents peace, tranquility, and a disconnection from the modern technological world. Once the furnishings have been moved in, decorating your cabin can be a lot of fun. You get to mesh the simplistic items of yesteryear with quaintly modern pieces inspired by the originals.

If you want some ideas as to what include in your cabin motif, look at these list of six rustic items every cabin needs.

1: Animal-Inspired Paintings

Animal-inspired paintings are a must for all cabins. Items like duck, deer, or black bear décor put us in touch with the days of old, when these animals were much more plentiful – and seen much more often.

2: Cross-Stitched Throw Pillows

Throw pillows that have been cross-stitched, either by yourself or in the factory, give everyone those warm, fuzzy feelings of home. Everyone’s grandma had a few of these pillows, and while the designs may not be the same, they never go out of style.

3: Thick, Comfortable Rug

black bear décor

A thick, comfortable rug is not only fashionable, it is also the perfect place to lay about in front of the fireplace. It can be a soft area for the kids or grandkids to lay around and play games or read books, also. Choose one in a color or design which compliments your decorations, not your furniture.

4: Antlers

It sounds cliché, but a cabin just wouldn’t be the same without antlers of some kind – and no, they do not have to be real antlers. You could stay traditional with a pair of antlers mounted to the wall. Or, you could switch things up a bit with a chandelier made of antlers.

5: Chainsaw Art

For your yard, a piece of well-designed chainsaw art makes the perfect accessory to your garden or entrance way.  The design most often used in commercial chainsaw pieces are black bears.