May 3, 2018

3 Ideas to Make Your Yard A Night Haven

Everywhere you look there is information on landscaping, or how to design the perfect outdoor space. These guides, however, are all directed at what your yard will look like during the day – failing to address the fact that many people like to enjoy their yards at night too. What makes a yard great at night is very different from what makes it great during the day.

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With this in mind, we bring you these three ideas that will help transform your yard into a haven for those warm, summer nights where going inside is the last thing on your mind.

1: Tree Lighting

Tree lighting fullerton ca serves two great purposes at once. First, it helps to bring just a tiny light to your yard. It isn’t so much to overpower the quiet of the night but is enough to help you miss tripping on those sticks and stones. Second, it serves as a beautiful display you’ll love to gaze at while pondering the meaning of life.

2: Cozy Firepit

A cozy firepit is perfect for anytime of the year. It can be shared with friends or enjoyed alone. Both brick and concrete are popular methods of creating your firepit. Remember to include comfortable seats. Rough-hewn benches offer a rustic feel for your pit, while cushioned chairs will offer extra comfort. Some have even utilized traditional porch swings around their fireplace.

3: Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting will offer a little more illumination at a ground level and will also show you where your walkways are so you do not trip. Avoid white light, which can attract insects. Instead, opt for a soft yellow or get creative with different colored bulbs. Blue and green lights are options which make your yard appear whimsical and fairy-tale like.