May 3, 2018

Landscape Lighting: Beautiful and Practical

Landscape lighting refers to any outdoor lighting besides your porch or street lights. Prime examples include those used in trees, bushes, decks, or to line walkways. An inexpensive addition to your yard, landscape lighting Stanhope, NJ is both beautiful and practical – particularly during the evening or night hours.


landscape lighting Stanhope, NJ

The addition of landscape lighting can turn an ordinary, drab landscape at night into a beautiful, dimly lit haven for yourself, your family, and guests. The unbroken monotony of a pitch-black night need not be frightening, anymore. Tree lighting and lights to line your walkways transform the area into a fairy-tale, whimsical feel.

You need not opt only for bright white or dim yellow lighting, either, although this are the most traditionally preferred. You can make use of any coloring imaginable – blue, green, red, purple, pink, or a combination of any these.


Landscape lighting is also highly practical. The most obvious practical benefit is the ability to see where you are going. Many people become injured when trying to walk through a dark yard. With appropriate lighting, you run less a risk of tripping, falling, and hurting yourself.

Lighting also presents the practical benefit of safety. Even in the safest neighborhoods, one must be conscious about their surroundings when outdoors. Landscape lighting brightens up more of your yard, so you will be able to see any person or animal who enters your yard. While usually harmless, wild animals do have the potential to carry rabies, which can be transferred to a person should they be bitten.

By using landscape lighting in your design, you create the possibility of nighttime yard use. Whether you’d like to lay around and look at the stars, or enjoy a warm bonfire with friends, landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to do so.