About More than Milk

I started this blog as a creative outlet for some of my interests outside of my “day job.” You see, I’m a beauty student (and a mama) so most of my time is spent talking in beauty talk (or baby talk), and dealing with pretty serious issues that I’m passionate about and that have big implications. But I love art, I love pretty things and good photography, I love cooking and traveling and laughing. So this blog is for all that other “stuff.” Despite the path I’ve chosen that requires long hours and lots of dedication, my biggest goal in life is just to live it, to enjoy every moment of it and find the beauty in all things. So I walk around with a little bit of lacquer, trying to put a shiny topcoat on all the rough edges.

Somewhere along the way in this blogging journey, I’ve found out that many of you are like me (never think you’re the only one!) – with passions for science and helping others and interests outside of beauty that seem like they don’t fit. I realized this blog could also be a place to show you that these can fit, that you can do it, and I hope to help along the way. With tips and stories about college and beauty school I hope to help just a few of you realize that you can dream bigger and make those dreams become a reality. Whether your dreams include becoming a beauty professional, becoming a mother, balancing personal and professional life, or just figuring out what to wear for the week, I hope I can help!


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